TSWZ1000 / TSWZ1250 / TSWZ1400 CNC Beams Drilling Machine
  • 1.Equipped with three drilling units, three drilling units can drill holes simultaneously and adopt self-controlled stroke drilling head. 

    2.No need to set Thickness of work piece and length of drill bits, it will do fact-feeding or feeding automatically by sensor signal, and with high efficiency. 

    3.Frame made of sturdy electro-welded and normalized Plates and Square Beams. The structure with roller guides on which the sliders supporting the three spindles guarantees the total moving stability, and ensures the working precision.

    4.This machine can read AUTOCAD drawings and lofting software files automatically, such as DXF, NC1.

    5.Equipped with automatic lubrication system and air conditioner for electric cabinet. 

    6.Equipped with automatic feeding systems, which will clamp and feed material into machine automatically.

    7.PLC systems, programming based on WINDOWS, fast and convenient programming, and visual previewing.

    8.Drilling units equip with famous brand spindle motor.

    9.The key mechanical, hydraulic and electric parts are all famous brands. 

  • ModelTSWZ1000TSWZ1250TSWZ1400
    Workpiece sizeH-beams Max. (web height×flange width)Max.1000x5001250x6001400x600
    Length (mm)≥2000
    Max.Thickness (mm)80
    Drill dia. (mm)Vertical drillingΦ12~Φ40
    Horizontal drillingΦ12~Φ40
    Spindle unitsQty. of spindleOne spindle on each of three sides (top,left,right) Total: 3 spindles
    Rotation speed (rpm)120~560
    Spindle motor power (kW)3x4 kW
    Max. feeding stroke (mm)Left,Right:140     Vertical: 325
    Feeding speed (mm/min)20~300
    Movement of left/right spindle (mm)In the direction of workpiece length::520
    Above vertical base-level:30~470Above vertical base-level:30~570Above vertical base-level:30~570
    Movement of top spindle (mm)In the direction of workpiece length:520
    Beyond horizontal base-level:45~910Beyond horizontal base-level:45~1160Beyond horizontal base-level:45~1310
    Marking (Optional)Qty. of characters36 characters
    Character size (mm)Φ10
    Overall dimensions(LxWxH) (m)About 4.55x3.05x3.52About 4.8x3.05x3.52About 5.2x3.05x3.52
    Machine weight (Kg)About 7000About 8000About 9000

This machine is special equipment used for the drilling processing of H beams, channel steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garage and petrol platform industries.



Applicable Industry: