SUNRISE CNC has strong  technical force, excellent processing equipment, a mature and stable technical team, industry experts and r&d equipment.  the undergraduate and above scientific research and management personnel account for 34% of the total number of employees, r&d personnel account for more than 20%, to ensure the continuous and effective development of the work. .To encourage innovation, the company established a research and development center, design director has made a research and development project reporting system, project research and development into the accounting system, r&d staff incentive appraisal system, intellectual property management system, and the patent management system, etc., equipped with a group have higher forward-looking innovation consciousness, innovation ability and industry research and development team, developed dozens of new product design.

SUNRISE CNC has cooperation with many universities in SHANDONG province in terms of talents and scientific research, and has been engaged in the design and development of new technologies and products for a long time, forming a strong technical strength and strong competitiveness of the enterprise.

Technical strength

Manufacturing customer oriented products has always been the supreme concern of SUNRISE CNC. In line of “Product safety, quality first”.  We’re using advanced scientific modern management concept and system. Establish a sound supervision and control system in sales, production, inspection, warranty etc. Strictly control the quality of products, improve work efficiency, ensure product stability, reliability, precision, to achieve rapid and sustainable development of the enterprise. We do believe that quality is the soul of and enterprise forever. Therefore, we never compromised with the quality of our products.

The quality assurance

The company hotline service is available 24/7. Before sales, our company insists on periodical business training for after-sales service staffs, so as to improve the ability to accurately and quickly solve the equipment failure of the majority of customers, shorten the time of installation and maintenance, better play the production capacity of production equipment, and create greater benefits for the majority of customers. After sales, our company will provide users with free training, and provide all technical support to customer on the use of products, repair, maintenance etc. At the same time, our company carries out regular search services to better provide better technical support for customers

After-seal service

Quality make brand, honesty win market, harmony converge talents, and innovation promote development. SUNRISE CNC has a great reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, become a leader in our industry. As a rising star in high-tech industry. SUNRISE CNC always adhere to the "integrity-based, harmonious and win-win" corporate purpose, with their own youth and vitality, with their own brand characteristics, to strive for perfection, constantly striving for self-improvement enterprising spirit, break the traditional industry concept, dedicated service to every user in the world!

Business outlook