TCR1000 CNC Beam Profile Plasma Cutting Machine

  • 1.Support Tekla steel structure deepening software 3D modeling data file cutting.

    2.Support BOCAD/SOLIDWORKS/3D3S/PROE software entity model export SAT file cutting.

    3. Support the compilation of AUTOCAD 3D modeling files.

    4. One-click import of component NC file information

    5.  Automatic trajectory optimization processing

    6. Batch code generation

    7. Automatic error correction of structural components

    8. Material Report statistics

    9. Code lofting unfolds

    10. Process files left and right displacement/mirroring/split

    11. Optimization processing of component nesting

    12. Support all kinds of lapping groove cutting

    13. Laser scanning shape detection to solve the position deviation

    14. Anti-collision function of cutting torch

    15. Solve the problem of thickness perforation, with dynamic perforation function, protect the cutting nozzle to improve the service life of consumable parts

    16. With fine hole cutting process

    17. Smart marking

    18. Support Hypertherm XPR300A interface 422 communication protocol, automatic switching cutting process parameters

  • NoItemParameter
    1Workpiece MaterialCarbon steel, stainless steel
    2H Beam, Channel, Angle150mm-1250mm
    3Cutting ModeFlame/Plasma
    4Plasma PowerHypertherm XPR300A
    5Thickness of plasma cutting wallPerforating Cutting 1-45mm
    6Wall thickness of flame cutting pipeMaximum Vertical Cutting 60mm
    7Effective Cutting12m or 15m
    8Precision of Cutting Length±1.5mm
    9Cutting Speed10~2000mm/min
    10Moving Speed10~6000mm/min
    11CNC AxisFeeding Axis (X Axis)
    Axis of CuttingTorch Moving Left and Right(X1 Axis)
    Synchronous Axis Cutting torch moves Before and After (Y1 Axis &Y2 Axis)
    Cutting Torch Rotation Axis(A Axis)
    Cutting Torch Deflection Axis(B Axis)
    Cutting Torch lifting Axis (Z Axis)
    12Maximum weight of workpiece to be cut10000kg
    13Beveling cutting±45°
    14The cutting form of the partsFixed length straight cut off, fixed length oblique cut off and end socket function
    15Cutting graphicsAccording to the drawings confirmed by both parties (provided at the time of signing of technical agreement)
    16Standard for Cutting AccuracyISO9013-2002ISO8206-1991 JB/T10045.4-1999
As a special processing equipment for H-beam, it is widely used in steel structure prefabricated building. Multi-axis linkage cutting control system, can directly generate G code, three-dimensional simulation operation, node deployment, ultra-long profile analysis, profile optimization. Applicable to three-dimensional cutting of all kinds of profiles (Channel steel, Angle Steel, I-beam, flat steel) .



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