TPL108 CNC Hydraulic Punching Machine for Plates
  • 1.The machine equipped with independent hydraulic power system and electrical control system, adopt centralized control.

    2.The machine-frame is made by C-type plate welding, with good rigidity and big handling space. The machine sets eight die-stations, automatic switching die-stations. Clamping system can adapt to different work piece, with zero baffles as datum mark, and work piece supported by rolling-ball working table. Axis X & Y action should be controlled by servo motor and ball-screw driving, and double-axis CNC system controls the position of punching, so as to make the whole machining process automatically; operator may input the sizes of work piece to computer for repeated calling program in the future.

    3.Adopt CNC technology, servo motor in feeding, with high efficiency, stable work piece precision.

    4.The hydraulic system mainly used ATOS solenoid directional valve, supplemented by small plug-in component parts system, the structure is simple, easy to operate and maintenance.

    5.The host of machine equipped with Mitsubishi two-axis CNC system, the work piece can be precisely positioned anywhere on the work area to complete the punching function. The clams have the function of Home position. Ensure the accuracy of single work piece and interchangeability of the same work piece.

    6.The machine have eight die-stations , there are three kinds of molds - big , middle, small, achieved multi-species, multi-aperture processing. Easy assembly and dis-assembly of molds, accurate positioning, greatly shorten the pause time and adjustment time of molds, improve work efficiency, and expand the scope of application of the machine.

  • ModelTPL108
    Max size of work piece L×W(mm)6000×500
    Max. diameter of punching (mm)5≦t≦12,Max. Punching Φ50 12≦t≦25,Max. Punching Φ26
    Plate thickness of punching (mm)2.5~25
    Min. distance between hole and plate edge (mm)20mm (Small molds) 30mm (Middle molds) 35mm (Big molds)
    Punching force(KN)1400
    Number of axis8
    Number of clams4
    Punching frequency48time/min(continuous)
    Processing precisionAccordance with GB2694-2010
    Programming modeInput by keyboard, RS232 interface, floppy disk and USB interface
    Program functionError display
    Working environmenttemperature:-10°~40°voltage:380V.50HZ, 3 phase;voltage range:±10%
    Total power(kW)About 47
    Total weight(t)About 10
    Overall dimension ( LxWxH mm)About 14500X5500X1870

The machine is special used for punch plate in the field of automobile industry. It is also used to punch metal plate of other trade.



Applicable Industry: