TDJ700 / TDJ1000 / TDJ 1250 CNC Angle Band Sawing Machine
  • 1.The machine is mainly composed of sawing frame, worktable, vertical feeding device, vertical pressing device, rotation worktable, carriage for feeding workpiece, hydraulic system, cooling system and electric system etc.

    2.The feeding speed can be adjusted automatically according to different section and also realize reciprocating saw.

    3.High efficiency and high precision rotation angle positioning.

    4.The machine is equipped with clamp carriage which can automatically identify the infeed length of H-beam, which can get automatically control of all the process.

    5.Use touch screen to input the dimension of the workpiece, the processing data can be shown and monitored real-time.

    6.Powerful sawing capacity is specially designed for processing different kinds of profiled bars in steel structure industry.

  • ModelTDJ700TDJ1000TDJ1250
    Dimensions for H-beam (mm)(without rotation angle)(web height x Flange width)(Max.)700x400(Max.)1000x500(Max.)1250x600
    (Min.)200 x 75
    Saw blade size (mm)T:1.3  W:41  L:6420T:1.6  W:54  L:8800T:1.6  W:67  L:9300
    Saw blade linear speed (m/min)20 ~ 100
    Table height (mm)800
    Feeding speed(Programmable control)
    Rotation angle0°~  45°
    Main motor power (kW)5.51115
    Hydraulic motor power (kW)
    Clamping typeHydraulic clamping
    Overall dimension of machine (m)About 3x1.95x2.2About 4.15x2.3x3.3About 4.5x2.3x3.45
    Total weight of machine (Kg)About 6000About 9000About 11000

Used for the sawing of H beams, box beams, channel steel, angle steel and round steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garage and petrol platform industries.



Applicable Industry: