TBS750 / TBS1000 / TBS1250 Band Sawing Machine
  • 1. Double column design equipped with strong machine body, with fine function of absorbing vibration during high speed sawing.

    2. Can rotate itself and no need to rotate for longer work piece when beveling for 0°~45°, can keep the continuity of production.

    3. Saw blade driving with greater motor power and good transmission. Used for the specialized processing of various section steel of steel structure industry. 

    4. Saw blade hydraulic automatic tensioning device, keep saw blade stable during high speed rotation and can extend life of saw blade.

    5. Equipped with clamping arm and guide saw blade to prevent saw blade deflection, to overcome the phenomenon of high-speed sawing clip saw.

    6. The saw blade produces narrow seam and high end precision, which greatly reduces material consumption.

    7. Laser alignment function and advanced and retreated structure slightly adjusted with hand, convenient for cutting accurately.

    8. Automatic coolant compatible with blade could make blade lubricant and reduce the temperature of blade.

    9. PCL control, sawing linear velocity can be adjusted by transducer motor and sawing feeding speed also can be adjusted by hydraulic stepless adjustment. This greatly promotes production efficiency.

    10. Key machine, hydraulic pressure and electric components are chosen famous products domestic and abroad.

  • ModelTBS750TBS1000TBS1250
    Workpiece size (mm)Round steelΦ550Φ660Φ660
    Square steel480×480550×550630×630
    Saw blade size (mm)T:1.3;W:41;L:6650T:1.6;W:54;L:7600T:1.6;W:54;L:8300
    Saw blade lineal speed (m/min)20~80
    Table height (mm)800
    Feeding speedStepless feeding
    Rotation angle0°~ 45°
    Main motor power (kW)5.51111
    Hydraulic motor power (kW)
    Motor power of cooling pump (kW)0.12
    Clamping typeHydraulic clamping
    Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (m)About 3.5×2.5×2.6About 4×2.3×2.6About 4.225×2.3×2.725
    Machine weight (Kg)About 5500About 6000About 6800

Used for the sawing of H beams, box beams, channel steel, angle steel and round steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garage and petrol platform industries.



Applicable Industry: