TSWZ700-9 CNC Drilling Machine for H-Beams
  • 1. The drilling machine has three power heads, each of which has three spindles, which can hold 3 different tools, and can be adapted to the customer's processing of up to three different hole diameters on the same processing surface. Working efficiency, the three power heads can drill holes at the same time, and adopt the automatic control stroke drilling power head mode.

    2. There is no need to set the thickness of the workpiece and the length of the drill bit, automatic fast-forward and workpiece conversion, high processing efficiency.

    3. PLC control, programming software is based on WINDOWS platform, programming is fast and convenient, and preview graphics are intuitive.

    4. Each power head is equipped with a spindle motor produced by a well-known foreign company.

    5. The key mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components are selected from well-known domestic and foreign brands.

    6. The program is advanced, and the skipping processing can be realized arbitrarily.

  • ModelTSWZ700-9
    Work sizeH-beam size (Web height*flange width) (mm)Max.700
    Length (mm)Min. workpiece feed length(mm)2000
    Max. workpiece feed length (mm)12000
    Drilling SpindleDrilling diameter (mm)Vertical drillingΦ10~Φ40
    Horizontal drillingΦ10~Φ36
    Qty.of axis3 spindles on each sides(top, left, right), totally 9 spindles
    Main spindle motor power(kW)4
    Rotation speed (stepless speed) (rpm)180~560
    Feeding speed (mm/min)20~300
    CNC AxisX axisMax.power (KW)4.4
    Max.speed (m/min)40
    Y axisMax.power (KW)1.3
    Max.speed (m/min)10
    Z,W axisMax.power (KW)1.3
    Max.speed (m/min)10
    Feeding stroke(mm)Top spindle240
    Left, right spindle180
    Movement of left/right spindle(mm)Above vertical base-level20-380
    Movement of top spindle(mm)Beyond horizontal base-level45-655
    Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (m)4.9x1.8x2.8 (only main machine)
    Total power (kW)About 31
    Overall weight (kg)About 8000

Used for the drilling processing of H-shape steel, box beam and channel steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garage and petrol platform. It is designed for medium size steel fabricators desiring to increase profitability and throughput (tons-per-month) in today’s extremely competitive market.



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