TFD300-2 / TFD400-2 High-Speed Flange CNC Drilling Machine With Counter Spindle
  • 1.The machine tool is consisting of the main engine, cooling system, hydraulic pressure system, electric control system and so on.

    2.The machine tool can machining several kinds of aperture and can be suitable to all standard work pieces.

    3.The machine tool is the principle axis high pressure and high speed cooling drilling equipment. The two principle axis are self-existent in the operation processing which are improving the work efficiency, the intensity and the stability.

    4.The machine tool is accurate positioning owe to three axles: axle Y and W are NC while axel Z is hand control. The work piece can position accurately in the center of the working place, drilling and adjust the speed fast or slow when the drilling bit close and away the work piece.

    5.The machine tool adopts the water-soaked principle axis whose provenance is Taiwan.

    6.The machine tool adopts electric control system and the centralized control system.

    7.The lube oil system adopt the way of disperse medium with simple structure which are convenient to use and maintain.

    8.The machine tool has automatic drain device and the high-pressure cooling system.

  • ModelTFD300-2TFD400-2
    Work benchProcessing range (mm)φ300Φ400
    Max processing thickness (mm)100
    Spindle axisSpindle speed (rpm)10-3000
    Drilling diameter (mm)φ35
    Spindle motor power (kW)7.5
    Spindle travel (mm)300
    Drilling machining precisionMachining accuracy (mm)±0.1
    Positioning accuracy (mm)±0.06
    Motor feedingW axel swivel turret  motor (kW)1.5×2
    Y axel motor power (kW)1×2
    Z axel hydraulic motor power (kW)2.2
    Cooling pump motorCooling motor power (kW)4×2
    Operating rateW axel Rotation rate (r/min)0-8
    Y axel feeding speed (mm/min)0-8000
    Z axel feeding speed (mm/min)0-8000
    Machine weightMachine weight (Kg)About 3500About 4500
    Overall dimensionsOverall dimensions (m)About 2.1×1.9×2.6About 2.2×2×2.6
Mainly used in the drilling processing of the round pieces such as flanges, plate and etc. Replacing the man-made and the drill plate making and drilling. Improve the product precision and the productivity of labor. Reduce the period of production arrangements to be suitable of quantity production.



Applicable Industry: