TBL1412 / TBL1412A / TAPM1412 CNC Punching, Shearing & Marking Line for Angles
  • 1. TBL1412,TBL12412A two sets of punches on each side, TAPM1412 three sets ,can process all holes once time.

    2. TBL1412A,TAPM1412 Single blade shearing, save raw material.

    3. Numerical control processing, the operation is very convenient, can realize automation, high precision, many varieties, mass production.

    4. Marking unit with closed body, good rigidity. On the marking unit is equipped with four groups of programmable selection box.

    5. With avoided shearing functions, so as to process fixed-length angles.

    6. All marking, punching and Cutting in automatic completeness, all finished angles can be unloaded by pneumatic turnover device so as to lighten the working strength.

    7. Easy programming, can manual programming and also can use the program generated by lofting software.. It can read NC.1 files generated by TEKLA software.

  • ModelTBL1412TBL1412ATAPM1412
    Angle size (mm)40х40х3~140х140х1240х40х3~140х140х1240х40х3~140х140х12
    Max. Punching (dia. х thi.) (mm)Φ26х12Φ26х12Φ26х12
    Punching force (kN)6006001000
    Marking force (kN)6306301030
    Cutting force (kN)90018001800
    Max. length of blank (m)121212
    Max. length of finished (m)888
    Punches per side223
    Group of Marking letters444
    Dimension of letter (mm)14x10x1914x10x1914x10x19
    CNC axes333
    Shearing modeDouble bladeSingle bladeSingle blade
    Feeding speed of angle (m/min)808080
    Programming modeLofting software or instruction program
    Overall dimensions (mm)≈25400×7000×3000≈25400×7000×3000≈26000×7000×3000
    Gross Weight of machine (kg)≈14500≈14800≈16500
    Total power (kW)343443

The machine is the special equipment used for angle steel punching, marking & shearing in the field of angle steel tower industry, electric power fitting, structure storage facilities and structure construction industries etc.



Applicable Industry: