TBD Series Gantry Movable CNC Beams Drilling Line
  • 1. There are 3 spindle unit on the up, left & right side, which is for web and flange drilling.

    2. There are 8 CNC axis, which equip with high precision servo motor.

    3. Software can process workpiece drawing directly which edited by Auto CAD.

    4. Scrap cleaner can collect all iron scraps and cutting liquid which is recycling.

    5. Machine equips with photoelectric measure sensor, can detect beams and measure the length automatically

  • ModelTBD2010TBD2515TBD3030
    Size of H-beamsWidth (mm)1000-20001000~25001000~3000
    Max. H-beam length (m)16/18/2016/18/2016/18/20
    Drilling UnitTypeCNC slipway typeCNC feeding sliderCNC feeding slider
    Max. drilling dia. (mm)φ12~φ50φ12~φ50φ12~φ50
    Rotation speed of Spindle (r/min)120-450120~450120~450
    Axial direction stroke(1 and 3 axis) (mm)780800800
    Axial direction stroke(2 axis) (mm)580700800
    feeding speed of drilling (m/min)0-40~40~4
    Spindle motor power (kW)3×7.53×7.53×7.5
    Servo motor power (kW)3×1.53×1.53×1.5
    Longitudinal moving of gantry (X axis)Max. stroke of X axis (m)16/18/2016/18/2016/18/20
    Servo motor power of X axis (kW)2×32×32×5
    Vertical drilling unitMax. stroke of V axis (mm)198024803000
    Left drilling unitMax. stroke of U axis (mm)98014803000
    Right drilling unitMax. stroke of W axis (mm)98014803000
    U, V, W axesMax. moving speed (m/min)888
    U, V, W axesServo motor power (kW)3×1.53×1.53×2
    Electric systemControl ModeSpain Fagor +PLCSpain Fagor +PLCSpain Fagor +PLC
    Number of CNC axis888
    Total motor power (kW)Approx.47Approx. 47Approx. 60
    Swarf cleaner & cooling systemMotor power (kW)1.5+0.431.5+0.431.5+0.43
    Hydraulic systemPressure (Mpa)3-73~73~12
    Flux (L/min)25+3325 +3330+33
    Motor power (kW)3+43+47.5+7.5

This machine is special equipment used for the drilling processing of large H beams, channel steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garage and other industries.



Applicable Industry: