TAPM0605 High Speed CNC Punching, Marking & Shearing Line For Angles (Linear Guide Feeding Conveyor)
  • Product composition:

    This machine is mainly composed of transverse conveyor, rotating loading system, infeed conveyor, CNC infeed carriage, punching unit, marking unit, cutting unit, unloading conveyor, as well as hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic systems etc.

    Product Feature:

    1. This machine is improved on the basis of standard angle steel production line, mainly designed for small angle steel, used in communication tower.

    2. Single blade cutting mode, no waste is generated, saving more raw materials;

    3. Processing angle steel range: 35mmx35mmx3mm ~ 56mmx56mmx6mm. (Q235)

    4. The NC carriage feeding system adopts Italian technology, AC servo motor, rack and pinion drive, high precision and more stable.

    5. Marking unit adopts closed type structure, has four interchangeable character groups, one group can hold 12 characters. The force analysis for the closed type structure shows that the marking force is better, and the machine is more stable. The marking force is 630KN.

    6. The punching unit adopts closed structure as well, it is strong. 

    Punching unit has one punching die on each side. Manual distance adjustment; the punching bed is equipped with a material holding mechanism to avoid the collision of the equipment during the feeding process. The material pressing device ensures the accuracy of the equipment during the punching process. The punching force is 150KN.

    7. It can meet different angle steel specifications:

    Angle steel ∠40 back mark: 20mm

    Angle steel ∠45 back mark: 24mm

    Angle steel ∠50 back mark: 28mm

    Angle steel ∠56 back mark: 32mm

    8. The shearing unit adopts closed body, which is very strong. The single blade cutting mode can ensures the cutting surface is neat and regular, the cutting gap is easy to adjust. Shearing force is 300 KN

    9. The NC feeding carriage can hold the angle steel by hydraulic clamp, so it can move and fix position quickly. The workpiece feeding is driven by servo motor, rack and pinion, high positioning accuracy. 

    The maximum speed can reach 80m/min. The collision protection device guarantees the protection of equipment and operators safety.

    10. This machine has one CNC axis: the movement and positioning of the feeding carriage.

    11. The main outsourcing parts: cylinders, electromagnetic valves, hydraulic valves, PLC programmable controllers, servo motors, drives, etc. All parts are world-renowned brand products, with high quality, ensuring high reliability and precision of the equipment.

    12. The computer is easy to program, and it can display the workpiece drawing and the coordinate size of hole position, for easy inspection. Adopting host computer management, very convenient to storage and operation of programs; drawing display; fault analysis and remote communication.

  • ModelTAPM0605
    FunctionsPunching, marking, shearing
    Angle size (mm)∠35×35×3~∠56×56×6(Q235)
    Max. Punching (dia. х thi.) (mm)Φ22
    Punching force (kN)150
    Marking force (kN)630
    Shearing force (kN)300
    Max. length of blank workpiece(m)10 or 12
    Max. length of finished workpiece(m)5
    Punches per side1
    Group of marking character4
    Character qty. in each group12
    Dimension of letter (mm)14x10x19
    CNC axes1
    Cutting modeSingle blade cutting
    Feeding speed of angle (m/min)80
    Programming modeLofting software or manual program
    Overall size(mm)24000×4000×2200
    Net weight(kg)About 10000
    Total power(KW)About 13
This machine is a special equipment for the full automated production of angle steel punching, cutting and shearing, for steel power telecommunication steel towers.



Applicable Industry: