TADM2532 / 3635 High Speed CNC Drilling & Marking Line For Angles
  • 1. Adopt CNC technology, servo motor infeeding, with high efficiency, stable working precision.

    2. Key hydraulic, pneumatic and electric elements are all domestic and international brand.

    3. Easy programming and can directly use  the program data made by lofting software.

    4. Software with Chinese, English  interface, easy operation, and can display the drawing of workpiece.

    5. Loading, marking, drilling and unloading are all performed automatically.

    6. Just need to input  size of work piece, diameter of holes,  stadia and quantity of workpiece when edit program, or use CAD/CAM lofting software direct conversion.

    7. The machining line is installed with supporting &straight pressing device.

    8. With avoided shearing functions, so as to process fixed length angles.

    9. With self-diagnosis failures function.

    10. Shearing unit is optional, using double blades cutting.

  • ModelTADM2532TADM3635
    Angle size(mm)140×140×10~250×250×32140×140×10~360×360×35
    Max. length of raw material (m)1414
    Max. length of finished angle (m)1414
    Length of loading conveyors (m)1818
    Length of unloading conveyors (m)10.810.8
    Marking force(kN)10301030
    Marking unit typeClose typeClose type
    No. of character group11
    No. of character1515
    Character size (mm)14×10×1914×10×19
    Range of stadia (back mark)(mm)50~220 stepless50~330 stepless
    No. of drill on each side33
    Max. drilling diameter (mm)2626
    Taper of drilling spindleBT40BT40
    Stroke of Spindle(mm)140140
    Max. Spindle rotation speed(r/min)60006000
    Max. feeding speed (m/min)4040
    Max. moving speed of slipway of drilling head(m/min)1010
    Max. feeding speed of drilling head(m/min)1414
    No. of CNC axes99
    Feeding servo motor power (kW)22
    Transfer table motor power (kW)2.24
    Overturn table motor power (kW)44
    Hydraulic station motor power (kW)1111
    Aircompressor pressure (Mpa)11
    Overall dimensions(m)30×7.5×333.3×8.9×32.5
    Total power (kW)≈109.7≈111.5
    Machine weight (kg)≈30000≈34000

The production line is composed of infeed transfer table unit, rotating loading unit, feeding conveyor unit, marking unit, two drilling units, outfeed conveyor unit, hydraulic system and electrical control system etc.



Applicable Industry: