TPM4040 / TPM5050 / TPM6040 CNC High Speed Drilling Machine For Plates And Tube Sheets
  • 1.The servo sliding drilling power head has the function of drilling, reaming, chamfering and milling groove. It can work together or independently.

    2.The machine consists of lathe bed, Longitudinal slide table, gantry, Transverse slide, vertical slide pillow drilling power box, worktable, chips discharge system, hydraulic system, cooling system, centralized lubricating system, electric System, pneumatic system etc.

    3.The machine body is equipped with high precision linear guide, moving mobility. AC servo motor is used to drive synchronous belt and precision ball screw pairs. Ensure high accuracy.

    4.The machine body and gantry are weld assembly with good quality of steel plate, which was high temperature annealed before processing, was annealed again after half finished machining to remove stress, then finished machining so that ensure stable precision.

    5.There are several horizontal T slot on the worktable for clamping fixture and plate.

    6.Machine adopts Spain FAGOR CNC systems or Germany's Siemens, equipped with USB interface and LCD liquid crystal display, drilling coordinates of CAD/CAM direct conversion can be realized.

    7.It is equipped with automatic chip cleaner and scrap carriage, cooling system is equipped with high pressure internal cooling pump and low pressure external cooling pump, which can be used for internal cooling or external cooling.

  • ModelTPM4040TPM5050TPM6040
    Max. size of workpiece (mm)Max. hole distance L×W (mm)4000×40005000×50006000×4000
    Max. Thickness (mm)250
    Drilling spindleQuantityOne or more (By customer’s request)
    Spindle taperBT50
    Max. diameter of drilling (mm)Φ40 (Carbide drill)Φ50 (High speed steel twist drill)
    Rotation speed (r/min)30~3000
    Motor power of spindles (kW)22
    (X axis)Longitudinal movement of gantryMax. stroke (mm)400050006000
    X axis feeding speed (m/min)0~8
    X axis servo motor power (kW)3
    (Y axis) Horizontal moveMax. distance of spindles (mm)400050004000
    Y axis feeding speed (m/min)0~8
    Y axis servo motor power (kW)3
    (Z axis) Vertical moveZ axis Max. stroke (mm)500
    Z axis feeding speed (m/min)0-4
    Z axis servo motor power (kW)3
    Positioning precisionX、Y axis (mm)≤0.1/  ( total length)
    Re-position precisionX、Y axis (mm)≤0.05
    Overall dimensionL×W×H (m)About 8.2×8.4×3.8About9.2×9.4×3.8About 10.2×8.4×3.8
    Weight of machine (t)About 50About 60About 60

Used for the drilling processing for tube plate, clapboard and flange, in petrochemical, boiler, and wind power flange industries, also for joint plates in building, bridge, iron tower, etc.



Applicable Industry: