TPLD2020 / TPLD2525 / TPLD3030 CNC Driilling Machine For Plates And Tube Sheets
  • 1. Servo slide drilling unit heads, with the function of drilling holes, reaming, chamfering, milling of groove, can work together, or work separately.

    2. Automatically find pot to dill holes in X,Y axis. Spindle rotation speed and feed velocity are stepless adjustment.

    3. T-groove is set on lathe bed, using pressure plate to clamp workpiece.

    4. Hand wheel, thimble and edge finder can be used to find the center of the workpiece.

    5. The CNC system adopts the Spanish Fagor or the German Siemens system and is equipped with USB interface and LCD display screen . The automatic programming provided by the invention not only has the functions of automatically generating a processing program, but also has the function of drilling hole position preview and etc. 

    6. Programming software based on WINDOWS with CAD, fast and convenient programming, and visual previewing. 

    7. Automatic chip removal, coolant circulation cooling. 

    8. Key machinery, hydraulic pressure, electric components all famous brands.

    9. First choice equipment of tube plate drilling in heat exchange, chemical & mechanical industry.

  • ModelTPLD2020TPLD2525TPLD3030
    Max. workpiece size (mm)2000x20002500x25003000x3000
    Max.Thickness (mm)200
    WorktableWidth/distance of T slot (mm)28/500
    Drilling spindleQuantityOne or more (By customer’s request)
    Max. diameter of drillingΦ50mm
    Morse taper of spindle#4
    Rotating speed (rpm)120-560 frequency conversion
    Max.feed stroke (mm)350
    Feeding speed (mm/min)0-4000Stepless adjustment
    Motor power (kW)5.5
    Positioning precisionX、Y axis≦0.1mm/ (full length)
    Re-positioning precisionX、Y axis0.1mm/ (full length)
    Motor power (kW)Servo motorsX axis2x2 kW (Dual drive)
    Y axis1.5 kW
    Z axis1.5 kW 
    Motor of scrap cleaner0.75
    Motor of cooling pump0.43
    Type of chip-conveyorChain-plate type
    Quantity of chip-conveyor2
    Chip-removal speed (m/min)1
    CNC systemSpain FAGOR CNC or German SIEMENS CNC system
    Net weight (Kg)About 16000About 20000About 24000
    Overall dimensions(L×W×H) (m)About 4.7×4.78×3.2About 5.2×5.28×3.2About 5.7×5.78×3.2
    Other models can be made by customers’ request.

Used for the drilling processing for tube plate, clapboard and flange, in petrochemical, boiler, and wind power flange industries, also for joint plates in building, bridge, iron tower, etc.



Applicable Industry: