TPHM3016 High Speed CNC Drilling Machine For Cooler Header Plates
  • 1. Heavy-load linear roller guide pairs are equipped on two sides of the machine bed respectively. The drive adopts the German Siemens AC servo motor to drive the synchronous belt and the precision ball screw pair to synchronize the drive on both sides.

    2.The drilling spindle used Taiwan precision inner cooling spindle, the taper is BT50, it has butterfly spring automatic broach pulling mechanism. It is very convenient to change the tool by connecting rod with drill bit or milling cutter, hydraulic cylinder loosing tool.

    3. The machine body and gantry are weld assembly with good quality of steel plate, which was high temperature annealed before processing, was annealed again after half finished machining to remove stress, then finished machining so that ensure stable precision.

    4. The support plates is installed on the work surface, and a T-shaped groove is opened on the surface, and the groove width is 28 mm, which is convenient for clamping the workpiece.

    5.It adopts SIEMENS CNC system with 4 CNC axis, equipped with RS232 interface and LCD screen. Drilling coordinates can realize CAD/CAM direct conversion, and it has the function of hole pre-drilling before real drilling and re-examination, which is easy to operate.

    6.Both sides of the worktable are equipped with chip conveyors for automatic chip removal. The machine is water based cooling and with a coolant supply, recovery, and circulation filtration system.

    7.The solenoid valves of hydraulic system are all made in Italy ATOS, the quality is stable.

    8.The machine's x, y-axis guides and lead screws are equipped with protective covers. The X-axis is equipped with a steel shield and the y-axis is equipped with an organ shield.

    9.In order to ensure the reliability of the machine tool, the key parts are imported quality products.

  • Parameter NameItemParameter Value
    Max. sizeL X W (mm)3000X1600
    Max thickness(mm)250(The workpiece height Max.320)
    Work tableWidth of T slot (mm)28/500
    Vertical slide type drill headQuantity1
    Main spindle taper holeBT50
    Max drill diameter (mm)φ50
    Max.tapping sizeM38x2
    Main spindle speed (r/min)30—3000
    Motor power of spindle (kW)22
    Distance from the bottom spindle to worktable surface (mm)300-800
    (X axis)Gantry longitudinal moveMax. stroke (mm)3000
    Servo motor power of X axis (kW)4.3
    (Y axis)Power head transversal moveMax stroke (mm)1000
    Servo motor power of Y axis (kW)3.1
    (Z axis)Vertical slider feedingStroke of Z axis (mm)500
    Servo motor power of Z axis (kW)3.1
    Positioning accuracyX/Y axis (mm)≤0.1/ Full length
    Repositioning accuracyX/Y axis (mm)≤0.05
    Electric systemCNC systemSIEMENS 828
    CNC axis NO.4
    Whole power of motors(kW)Approx. 45
    Overall sizeLxWxH (kW)Approx. 6800X5100X3600
    WeightApprox. 27 T

Mainly used for drilling, tapping and light milling of square box parts in petrochemical air coolers. Carbide drills can be used for internal cooling high-speed drilling, high-speed twist drills also can be used for external cold drilling.



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