TPHD2020 / TPHD2525 / TPHD3030 / TPHD3020 / TPHD3530 Gantry Movable High Speed CNC Drilling Machine For Plates And Tube Sheets
  • 1.Servo slide drilling unit heads, with the function of drilling holes, reaming, chamfering, milling of groove, can work together, or work separately.

    2.Heavy-load linear roller guide pairs are equipped on two sides of the machine bed respectively. The longitudinal movement of the gantry’s two sides is driven synchronously via AC servo motor and precise ball screw pair of big pitch.

    3.T-groove is set on lathe bed, using pressure plate to clamp workpiece.

    4.Hand wheel, thimble and edge finder can be used to find the center of the workpiece.

    5.The slides on the cross beam are equipped with vertical CNC feeding ram-type drilling spindle BT40 or BT50, which adopts special conversion motor with heavy load for spindle. 

    6.The machine is equipped with hydraulic system to finish the hydraulic balance of vertical ram and hydraulic cutter loosing of spindle.

    7.It adopts Spanish FAGOR or German SIEMENS CNC system, equipped with USB interface and LCD screen. 

    8.It is equipped with chain-plate type automatic chip-conveyor and chip collection trolley. 

    9.The cooling system is equipped with paper filer, high-pressure inner cooling pump and low-pressure outer cooling pump, which are used for inner cooling or outer cooling of cutter.

  • ModelTPHD2020TPHD2525TPHD3030TPHD3020TPHD3530
    Max. workpiece size (mm)2000x20002500x25003000x30003000x20003500x3000
    Max Thickness (mm)250
    Work tableWidth of T slot (mm)28/500
    Vertical slide type drill headQuantityOne or more (By customer’s request)
    Main spindle taper holeBT50
    Max drill diameter  (mm)Φ50
    Main spindle speed (r/min)30-3000
    Motor power of spindle (kW) 22
    Distance between spindle tip to work table (mm)300-800
    (X axis) Gantry longitudinal moveMax. Stroke (mm)20002500300030003500
    (Y axis) Power head transverse moveMax stroke (mm)20002500300020003000
    (Z axis) Vertical slider feedingStroke of Z axis (mm)500
    Positioning precision X/Y axis (mm)≤0.1/ Full length
    Re-positioning precisionX/Y axis (mm)≤0.05
    Scrap cleaner and cooling  Scrap cleaner typePlate chain type
    Motor power of cooling pump (kW)5.5 (inner cooling) +2.2 (filter) +0.4 (external cooling)
    Automatic lubricating systemLubrication pressure (MPa)2
    Electric systemCNC systemFAGOR8055 or SIEMENS
    CNC axis NO.4
    Overall sizeLxWxH (m)About 6.5×5.5×3.6About 7×6×3.6About 7.5×6.5×3.6About 7.5×5.5×3.6About 8×5.5×4.6
    Weight(Kg)About 30000About 35000About 40000About 35000About 40000

Mainly used for drilling tube plate, clapboard, flange and large plate in petrochemical, boiler, wind power, flange industries and also for connection plates in building, bridge, heat exchange, iron tower industries.



Applicable Industry: