CNC Hydraulic Channel And Flat Bar Punching, Marking and Cutting Machine Model TPL9004-16
  • ■Adopt CNC technology,servo motor infeeding,with high efficiency, stable workpiece precision.

    ■Key hydraulic,pneumatic and electric parts all imported.

    ■Easy programming and can directly use the program data made by lofting software.

    ■Computer with Chinese/English interface,easy operation, and can display the drawing of workpiece.

    ■All marking,punching and shearing in automatic completeness.

    ■Only need to input size of workpiece,diameter of holes and quantity of workpiece when edit program.

    ■Fast marking speed.

    ■Flat end with single-balde cutting; Circular arc end with double-blade cutting;

    ■With self-diagnosis failures function.

  • ModelTPL9004-16
    Max.Workpiece length(mm)12000
    Workpiece width(mm)40~160
    Channel size(mm)#6.3~#16
    Max.punching diameter(mm)Φ26
    Oval hole(mm)22X50
    Punching force(KN)1000
    No. of punching die-station3
    Marking force(KN)800
    No. of marking die-station1
    Character size(mm)14×10×19
    No. of character box4
    No. of characters12
    Cutting force(KN)1200
    Cutting ModeSingle-blade cutting
    Feeding modeNC carriage
    Feeding speed(m/min)60
    Programming modeAuto CAD or lofting software
    Program functionError display
The machine is the automatic special equipment used for flat bar and channel steel marking, punching, and shearing mainly in the field of angle steel tower industry.



Applicable Industry: